Welcome To Vancouver, All Of You Less Awesome People

While we’re talking Olympics, Canada’s men’s hockey team plays it’s first game tonight. I’m sure many of you already knew that, but you may not have known about this.

Team Canada recorded a video welcoming all of the other teams to Vancouver in preparation for the tournament, but for some reason decided against using it. However, as happens in this internet age in which we live, it escaped and made its way onto the YouTubes. If you wish, you can watch ithere.

Yes, this is more fine work fromDown goes BrownandBloge Salming.Not sure if it’s quite on the level of theletter to Toskalafrom last week, but that’s a lot to live up to.

I guess all that’s left to say now is Eh! O! Canada g…ahh to hell withthat garbage,go Canada go!

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