New Echo Changes

I just noticed that Echo has tweaked itself a wee touch. Now, you have choices when you follow a comment thread. When you click follow, a set of radio buttons appears. The choices are never in this stream, replies to my comment, or any new items posted to this stream. For some dumb reason, it defaults to never.

For our blog, I’d say it would be best to set it to any new items because some people don’t hit reply even though they are responding to your comment. I’ve been guilty of that from time to time. So to make sure you see anything new, I’d choose all new items.

Also, the first time you see these new options, you have to re-enter your email address. I don’t know if it has cleared everybody’s info from the old threads or what. Someone will have to revitalize the thread of doom to test what happens to threads you’re already subscribed to. Oh, I see Steve has already tested said thread. Let’s see if I got it in my email. Not yet. If I don’t get it, that means, *ug*, you’d have to go back and refollow any thread you’re subscribed to and are still interested in. Booo Echo if that’s the case. I seriously hope it’s not.

One other thing about selecting the “any new items” option. It will mean you will get your own comments back, just so you know why you’re getting them.

So there’s the latest scoop on Echo. Hmmm. I wonder what this new feature means for the Firefox people who never had to click follow after they followed the first time. I guess only time will tell.

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