His Need For A Divorce Hit Him On The Head Like A Hammer

And here I thought that dude who lured his wife out to the garage to show her a halloween display and then tried to hang her was pretty creepy. Now, Amy Ricks did something even creepier! She blindfolded her husband, saying she had a surprise for him. She took him to the basement of her parents’ holiday condo, and then spun him around and told him to count to 100. Then, she started wacking him with a hammer! He got the blindfold off and saw a knife in a bag, and sleeping bags had been spread under his feet. What the?

I don’t think she’ll be able to say it was insanity or sudden rage. She definitely had a plan. And why the hell were they trying to pull up her husband’s mental health records? He’s the victim! Shouldn’t we be worried about her mental health status? That’s as bad as all those rape cases where they brought up the victim’s sexual history.

My advice to you, Joel Ricks. Get out while the gettin”s good.

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