Next Time, Just Use The Cane To Lean On

The part of this article about Toni Price has me asking more questions than finding answers. The story goes that Toni Price was upset that her kid had been spat at while at school. So, her solution was to drink a 40-ouncer of colt 45 and head to her daughter’s elementary school armed with a blade inside a walking cane. When she got there, she grabbed some woman by the arm and said she was going to cut her.

So, did the woman spit at the kid? Why would she do that? Or was Price just so drunk that she grabbed the first person she saw? Isn’t this a bit over the top in response to her kid being spat at?

I’m glad the woman could calm her down before anything really crazy could happen. But I guess sucking back a 40-ouncer of booze and heading to an elementary school for a showdown is pretty crazy.

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