3-2! Canada Wins Gold!

Wow, we did it! Not sure what to say! Great game from Team Canada, even though they decided to make things interesting by giving up the tying goal with only 24.4 seconds left in the third period, sending it to overtime. they played a beautiful defensive game, and full credit to the Americans as well, they also played a great one.

And man, what a storybook ending if ever I saw one. I was thinking through much of the tournament that I expected more from Sidney Crosby, a sentiment that was also expressed by the commentators during the game today. But guess who scored the OT winner for Canada. Yes, the very same Sidney Crosby who had been without a point through the previous 3 games! Congratulations Sidney, and congratulations Canada!

With the win, we become the most golden (goldenest?) country in the history of the Winter Olympics! Be proud Canada, this is an awesome day!

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