O Canada’s Government, You Waste Our Time With This?

Great news, Canadians! Our economy is as strong as it has ever been, the federal and provincial budgets are all showing record surpluses, unemployment is at 0% and our troops are home from Afghanistan! We’ve also gotten all parties to agree on a reasonable environmental policy, the whole torturing of prisoners thing has been resolved and the conduct of banks and business in general has been investigated and is now legislated to put the customer rather than executive pocket lining first! Oh, and telemarketing has been banned outright!

You may not have seen all of these things in the news yet, but I’m sure they’ve happened. No, not just sure, positive! they have to have happened because our government always focuses on the things that are most important to Canadians, and since there’s time toconduct a parliamentary review of the words to O Canada and possibly remove the sons part to make it more gender inclusive,it stands to reason that we’ve cleared up all that other stuff and then some.

It’s a nice thought and it’s good to see that the Conservatives are at least pretending to care about women, but as far as issues of importance go, this simply isn’t one. There are a lot of other things that the government could be doing for women and all of us for that matter that would be a whole lot more meaningful. Let’s work on those, and then maybe we’ll talk about this anthem thing again when you’re finished.

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