Oh Reiki, You’re So Fine

Something weird happened to me the other day and I decided to write it down. A friend of mine wanted me to go with her to some International Women’s Day events at this place in town. I thought about it for a bit and then decided to go. When we got there, she discovered that her massage therapist was there and was doing Reiki in little 15-minute slots. She asked me if I’d ever had it done. I said no, and ended up trying it.

I discovered two things. First, it takes a lot for me to relax. Trixie was under the table, but I don’t think she felt comfortable being under this table while this woman moved around me touching me. So she moved out of the way and lay down. As soon as she moved, my focus went from the feeling of the lady’s hands to Trixie. Also, I was listening to the sounds of people walking by. She asked me if the noise was bugging me, and at first I said no, but as time went on, I started to think that yes, it was. For a while, I just kept waiting for something to happen, and my mind was busy dancing around, similar to what it does if I try to meditate. I was wondering if I had to move in some way, do something, what was supposed to happen. Was I too tense? Then as soon as she asked me what time it was and I saw that I’d been there five minutes longer than I should have been, I sprang up. I think the poor woman must have thought I was difficult.

The second thing I learned was I must have needed to relax, because right when she was finishing up, my whole body started twitching. First my arms started to shake, then my fingers sort of twitched, then my legs started doing that jumpy thing they do if I fall off a cliff in my sleep. It was like I’d done some weird progressive relaxation thing. Then when my friend came back for me, she said my cheeks were all red! What’s up with that?

So…if anyone else has had Reiki done, does your body do that too? Or am I just a weirdo?

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