So Much For Teaching Tolerance

All Constance McMillen wanted to do was go to the prom with her date. Her date happened to be a girl. They just wanted to wear tuxes and go to the prom. The Mississippi school first said they couldn’t go. The girls didn’t like that, and contacted the ACLU, which said the school had to drop its objections to same sex dates. The school board responded by canceling the prom.

What a stupid, bigoted thing to do. Not only is it making sure she won’t have a prom, but everybody else won’t have a prom either, which could cause all kinds of kids to pick on her. If anyone should know that kids can be assholes, it’s school officials. They know full well what they are doing.

Now some conservative folks are siding with the school board, offering them free legal services to fight the girls and the ACLU for all kinds of mind-numbingly stupid reasons.

I will never understand people’s fear of recognizing gay couples. They aren’t telling straight people they have to be gay, why should others tell them they have to be heterosexual? Is it hurting you that Bob likes Bill or Pam likes Sue? I should hope nnot.

It also kills me that having a separate gay prom is considered to be an accommodation for gay students. I understand holding it if gay kids are feeling threatened by their heterosexual peers, but otherwise, why have a separate but equal prom?

What year is it again? Someone remind me. Maybe it’s a different year in Mississippi.

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