Give Me Five Grand, I’ll Get Five Years

Here comes another kid being offered up for sale for who knows what reason. this time it’s a 4-year-old boy. Nobody knows if this guy is serious, and now the ad has been pulled. It’s too bad it’s been pulled, because the ad had a picture of the boy in it, and the woman who found it managed to copy the text, but not the picture. That’s an ultimate damn it moment right there.

I don’t know what to think when you read how the ad is described. Part of me thinks this idiot was trying to be funny, especially the way he describes the kid screaming for hours. But you read the rest and you wonder.

The author said the boy was a “great kid” but that he could no longer afford to care for him. The boy loves basketball, football and soccer but doesn’t play with cars, refuses to eat vegetables and can scream for hours at a time.

“But he always has a smile on his face,” according to the ad.

“It is going to kill me to do this but as I stated before I cannot afford to keep him. His Motherr is out of the picture and my parents no longer talk to me since I’ve had Gavin,” the ad read, according to the search warrant. “So I don’t know what else to do other than find a good family with kids or a couple that wants a son.”

The seller, who identified himself as Rick Obelophy, said he wouldn’t give the boy “to anyone.”

“I want to meet with you and make sure you will be fit parents,” the ad read.

He makesit sound like he’s giving away a pet for adoption. I hope they get to the bottom of this, and fast

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