No Child Left Behind And No Teacher Left To Teach Them

I was tooling around looking for posts, and accidentally found the story of every teacher being fired at a high school. Is this normal? It seems like an awfully drastic measure. Has this happened in other schools, or is this a precedent? And is this a dangerous precedent to set? Could a whole staff be fired under the guise of needing to fix performance issues with a school when really, the teachers were just trying to negotiate a new contract? I guess administrative staff were fired as well in this case, but still.

And what’s up with calling an assembly and making the fired stand up one by one to be told they’re fired?

And why was this done in the middle of the school year? If kids are underperforming, one way to surely drive their performance into the ground would be to make it so they can’t go to school until new staff are hired.

That’s just super odd and kind of creepy.

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