Weekends From Hell

Is Judge Robert Benjamin stupid? He has to be if he thinks it’s ok to make two little girls spend weekends with their pedophile dad. Oh but they have to have a lockable door at night, and they have to be in the same room, and an adult friend has to stay over when they come over. Does this guy not know how manipulative pedophiles can be? He’ll find a way to molest his daughters. He’ll just send the adult friend out for milk and send one of the girls with him, and then get to the other one. And putting them in the same room won’t stop him either. How many cases have you heard of where one sister knew what was going on, but was too afraid to do something?

The kids themselves say they don’t want to be alone with their dad, and he’s convicted of making and downloading child porn, and the judge is making them go anyway. Absolutely disgusting. I thought visitation with kids was supposed to benefit both kids and parents. If measures have to be taken to protect the kids from their dad, and they’re afraid, how is it benefitting the kids at all?

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