She’s Teaching Something, But I’m Not Sure It’s On The Lesson Plan

It’s funny. When you read the story of a teacher calling a student an idiot, you want her to be fired too. But when you hear the 26-minute recording, the lines aren’t so black and white. Just to warn ya, the recording takes a second to load, but it should load with no further intervention from you.

On one hand, that student sounds like a handful and a half. I think she would have grated on my last nerve.

On the other, what kind of teacher lets this go on for 26 minutes? Somebody who has no control. If I had acted like that, I would have been in the principal’s office so fast I wouldn’t have known what hit me. My teacher would not have sworn at me, repeated my own words back at me, and resorted to the old rubber on glue reference. Come on, is the teacher more juvenile than the student? The most I would have gotten would be “Carin, I will not tolerate this behaviour. You are going to the principal’s office.” And if I didn’t go willingly, she would have paged the principal, and probably before she had finished, I woulda been bootin’ it for the office because I knew I was in deep crap. Reading that, it sounds like I was sent to the principal’s office routinely haha. No, really, I wasn’t, but I watched lots of my fellow students get the boot.

This teacher must be a bit of a prize if not one, but two students had recorded this little exchange. Kids don’t just decide to record the first fight between teacher and student. Part of me wonders what motivated the students’ recording it. Was it to laugh at the student being berated, or was it to show their parents what kind of a teacher Cydney Abrams is? Does this crap happen routinely, and some smart student wanted to show how their class time was being wasted? I know I would have been half tempted to get up and walk out of that class. I mean, why should I sit there and watch this stupidity? I wouldn’t have been able to think or study. I might as well go to the library where I can actually use my brain in peace.

You know, I would have killed for an mp3 recorder when I had the English teacher from hell. It would have been nice to have some recorded ammo of her unfairness. But she was smart. She probably would have made it look like she did everything right. it would have taken a lot of documenting to show how she treated us differently and degraded us.

I think the teacher started off good…but something has happened to her along the way and she’s got some serious burnout. Maybe this will make her sit up and think about how she feels about teaching.

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