A Blogger Improvement Breaks Stuff

Every month, because I don’t trust having backups in only one place, Steve and I save a copy of everything we’ve written on the blog in a giant zip file on each of our computers. We do this by going to the latest month that we completed and saving that month’s archive and adding it to a zip file containing all the other month’s archives. But because of a change blogger made some time in February, I haven’t been able to save either February or March’s archives.

I don’t know why they’ve done this, but now, when you click on a given months’ archive, you don’t really get the full month. It stops somewhere, and you never know where, and you have to hit older posts, and keep doing that until you actually get the whole month. But the problem is as you hit older posts, it doesn’t stop when you reach the end of the archive. It keeps going back and showing stuff from the next month back along with the archive you asked for.

I found a forum about this. This apparently has something to do with blogger autopagination. I left a reply saying our blog was affected too, but haven’t heard anything. I’ll have to see if there’s a fix, but somehow I doubt it. Does anyone out there know of one?

I guess, until they fix it, I’ll just back up each month in batches, and if the last batch includes posts from the previous month, I’ll just suck it up. That’s all I can do to still back everything up.

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