What It Sounds Like When Carin Gets A Trekker

The other day, I briefly mentioned that I got a Trekker. But that post did not give it the amount of woooo it deserved. So, because Barb is silly, she recorded my reaction when I actually received it. Here it is. It’s a little recording of us all getting presents. Yea late Christmas. Can I say “holy shit” any more times? Can I shriek and screach any more times? I don’t think so.

I love how I was incapable of reading braille that day. That “RP” that I was seeing? It was HP. Yeah, maybe that bit about me being illiterate and/or retarded is more true than I’d like to believe.

If you’re wondering who that other voice is that isn’t Steve, the one who says “sorry” when I tell Trixie to stop sniffing, it’s Barb’s boyfriend. He’s a cool dude, especially since he kinda got thrown into a weekend with us, which started off with that display of insanity, and still thinks we’re cool. Fun stuff!

Oh yeah, I guess I should give an update on the cradle situation. I have not found any trekking Guelphites, but I have found a dude who can send me a spare cradle I hope. I have emailed him asking for it. I have also discovered that the Trekker came to me minus an audio cable and a case. Oh well, I have bought an audio cable for a few bucks, and the case wasn’t that expensive. If I have to spend about 40 bones on a $2500 device, I’m not complaining. It works. I took it out on the balcony and it found our neighbourhood and gave me my altitude and heading and all that good joy, so trekker sings. That is the main thing.

So there ya go, Ro, enjoy watching the fun as it happened. I was in total shock…and then started yeeeing like a dog. Good times.

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