She’s The April Fool

Let me explain something to Tiffany Morland. An April Fools joke is something that is not supposed to cause any harm. The person might freak out for a second if they believe you, but at the end of it all, everybody gets a good laugh. having a boy call his grandmother and tell her that her daughter has been shot is not a good idea of an April fools joke. Even if he had managed to squeak out “April Fools,” news like that could give someone a heart attack!

Unfortunately, he did not manage to say April Fools before grandma was on the phone to the cops. Just listen to her 911 call. I guess somehow he managed to get a hold of her and tell her it was a joke.

The worst part is his aunt put him up to that. What kind of adult would think that would be a good joke? Now both the kid and the aunt have been charged, and a whole bunch of cops showed up at the house with their guns out.

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