He Had Diplomatic Immunity, Not Immunity From Being Dumb As A Rock

Here comes another joker who thinks telling flight crew members that he’s lighting his shoes on fire is funny funny ha ha ha ha ha! What makes this guy an even bigger dipshit is he’s a diplomat.

The man, identified as Mohammed Al-Madidi, was on a flight and decided to sneak a cigarette in the washroom, which already makes him an asshole. When he was caught, he sarcastically said “I’m lighting my shoes on fire.” Faster than you can say “hijacked,” he was subdued by air marshals, the FBI was called, fighter jets escorted the plane into the airport, and now he’s been arrested and is having to answer a lot of questions. No explosives were found and nobody was hurt.

What a shithead. Most of us know that you don’t make jokes like that. Every now and then you hear about a dumbass who missed the memo, but that’s rare. If he’s a diplomat, he for sure should have known better.

But there probably won’t be any consequences for him, since he has diplomatic immunity, unless Qatar revokes it.

I’m sure the jailed terror suspect he was supposedly on his way to visit feels like he’s in really good hands. The diplomat sent to see him can’t even handle himself properly on a plane.

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