The Dryer Vent Has A Duck In It!

When I saw the story of a man calling firefighters to get a duck out of his dryer vent, I thought I’d put it up here to give Brad a chuckle, and maybe Jill since she’s had to deal with fugitive snakes. It doesn’t matter how many times I read that story, I still both chuckle and shiver at the vision of Boo.

Anyway, I can’t imagine waking up to a quacking duck in my dryer vent. But hmmm…would I call the fire department? I think I would feel a might silly calling them. I think my first call would be to some kind of Animal Control. Then if they told me I *had* to call the fire department, then I would do it…apologizing all the time for bugging them.

Maybe it’s not that he called the fire department, it’s his reasoning for doing so. I love how the guy says “I didn’t know if he could bite.” So he’ll send the fire dudes in there to get bitten. Nice. I could understand if he said “I didn’t have the equipment to get him out” or “I was afraid I’d do more damage to my pipes if I went in there with tin snips.” But “I didn’t know if they could bite?”

Don’t get me wrong, I know why the chick in her story called the cops. Boo is a totally different animal than a duck stuck in a dryer vent, and the poor lady was in a wheelchair! I wouldn’t want a snake that size roaming free if I were in a wheelchair.

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