>What’s Your Cup Size? And Do You Think My Balls Will Fit In There?

>the Nice Cup in Bra
I’m not sure if “Japan’s busy golfing women” were screaming out forone of theseor if it’s a case of somebody building something just because he can, but either way, the Nice Cup in Bra has arrived!

The green corset-style garment can be removed and unrolled to create a 1.5-meter-long putting mat. When the user sinks a putt into one of the cups, a built-in speaker pumps out a congratulatory “Nice shot!” The bra also features pockets for extra golf balls and tees, and a detachable flag pin that serves as a score pencil. The bra set comes with a skirt with the words “Be Quiet” printed on the rear, which doubles up as a flag for use on the course.

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