What Comes Out Of The Mouths Of Some Of Joe Public’s Slower Members

I just heard 2 amazingly dumb things people have said to us because of our guide dogs recently, and that made me think of an old story I heard years ago, so I thought I’d post them all in a tripple dose of oh my god did that person just say that? The other day, […]

I’m Sure He Wishes He Was Shooting Blanks That Day, Because He Will Be Shooting Blanks Now

We often hear about people shooting themselves in the foot or leg because the gun in their waistband went off, but this guy shot himself in the balls! Ow ow ow ow ow! You know, besides the ow factor of this guy shooting himself right in the boys, there were a few other lines that […]

It Appears My Friend Count Is Down By One, But It’s Only The Rays Fan

In an act of complete whining pettiness typical of someone who is willing to publicly identify as a Tampa Bay Rays fan, Ro hasdecided that she’s not going to be friends with me until at least Thursday.It could be longer if her team doesn’t fare well against my vastly superior Toronto Blue Jays this week, […]

>Rob Finally Inspires :People To Do Something Other Than Claw Out Their Own Eardrums!

>Remember when I talked about Rob Castrogiovani and his Paratransit song? When that song started, I kinda got excited because I thought he was parodying “The Times, They Are A Changin’”. But alass, no, it was just some random tune. But Steve and I got thinking, and wondered if you could come up with a […]

Go Back To Sleep, Little Leech

Remember Ginger McGuire, that passenger who fell asleep on the plane? Well, now she’s suing! She’s trying to claim false imprisonment. Um how about no? I won’t deny that waking up on a locked plane would be pretty scary, but it’s not false imprisonment, it’s an accident. I love how she checked the time with […]