"I’m Not Going To Jail And You Can’t Make Me!" "Oh Yeah? Betcha I Can!"

What is up with people shoplifting with their kids? We had the doctor and his wife, the chick stealing the ‘101 ways to be a great mom’ book while her kids watched, and now, we have a mom who wouldn’t mind making her getaway without her kid. Luckily, a quick-thinking customer grabbed the kid and ran after her, but Shannon Cooper, the runaway mom, also left her wallet, so it wasn’t long before the cops were at her house. The link to the story isn’t working right now, so I grabbed the story.

CITRA – A woman accused of stealing nearly $65 worth of products from a discount store fled with the items – leaving her 2-year-old child behind for a brief time.

An assistant manager at Dollar General at 18210 N. U.S. 301 told a sheriff’s deputy that Shannon Cooper, 29, was in the store Wednesday with her young son when she was observed taking nail polish, fake nails, Icy Hot packs, fabric softener and other items and putting them in her purse.

When confronted, the manager said Cooper grabbed the items and fled on foot, leaving her son behind.

A customer picked up the child, carried him outside and yelled at Cooper to come back.

Cooper, who was in the median of U.S. 301, came back, took her son and left again.

Cooper left her wallet behind and deputies found an address. They went to the residence in Citra, where they received permission to enter.

Cooper told them, “I’m not going back to jail.” She then ran into a bathroom and slammed the door. Officials opened the door and arrested Cooper.

Authorities found the items, which were valued at $63.37, on a bed. Cooper admitted they came from Dollar General.

She was charged with child neglect, retail petit theft and resisting without violence.

The Department of Children and Families was notified about the incident.

Jail records show she has been booked several times, most recently Nov. 9, with her release on Feb. 14, for possession of propoxyphene (commonly known
as Darvon) and resisting without violence.

There are two things that really catch my attention about this story, besides the obvious fact that she shoplifted with her kid! First, she locked herself in the bathroom. What, is she trying to imitate her two-year-old son? And she’s been in and out of jail. So the little guy probably doesn’t really know her too well, the poor kid.

If I had been that customer, I probably wouldn’t have run after her with the kid. I would have just called the cops. She obviously didn’t care too much about her kid anyway.

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