No Talking In The Park!

Steve found an article in the CNIB’s version of the Guelph Mercury that’s just weird. I can’t find it on the site, but here it is.

Information on suspicious man sought by police as precaution

City police are urging residents to be wary of a man approaching people. Police received several complaints recently of people being approached at or near city parks and trails by a man trying to start a conversation. The man is white, aged 30 to 50, six feet tall with a thin build. He has short brown hair, was unshaven and wore tight black jeans and a dark shirt. Anyone with information can call police at 519-824-1212.

There has to have been something creepy going on, like the things the guy was saying were really perverted, or that he was following folks around or finding them on isolated trails or something. Otherwise, I’m sad for the state of society that somebody can’t say “Hey, how’s it goin’?” without being called into the police. Hell, I track people down to ask them for a little bit of help and sometimes say “Hey, can you tell me where x is?” In the old days when I had my cane, I would sometimes tap someone’s leg, and then say “Oh, sorry about that. But can you tell me…?” I found that tapping a leg was the only way to get someone’s attention. I could have been charged with assault if all you have to do is say “How’s it goin’?” and you could get reported.

I’m sure there’s something else going on. I just wish I knew what it was.

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