Semple Minds Make Other Minds Churn

I swear sometimes Steve sends me stuff just to see what I’ll do. He saw this whining letter to the editor, and fired it in my direction. I’m sure he enjoyed watching what happened.

In case the letter ever disappears, here is its contents.

People are just whining about poor bus service

After reading a couple of selected opinions regarding bus service, I believe these complaints are from a small per cent of the citizens of Guelph.

The bus goes by my house all the time. What is surprising is that it is carrying either just the driver, or two to five people as passengers. Yet all taxpayers are paying to support this at a great expense because it is definitely operating at a huge loss.

All these whiners will complain about anything. They are never happy. I am sure not happy having my tax dollars paying for this huge deficit. If they don’t like the service, walk, ride a bike, take a cab, or drive your car.

Gord Semple,


Spoken like a true narrow-minded fellow who has never taken a bus in his life. So, I sat, and I thought, and I spat out this response. We’ll see if it keeps its form when it hits the paper.

Dear Editor re: Gord Semple’s May 13 letter.

I am rendered inarticulate by the narrow-minded view expressed in Mr. Semple’s letter. I understand that some bus stops are under-utilized, but that does not mean the system needs to be shut down. Some people rely on the bus to get around. Does Mr. Semple want people who are blind driving? I sincerely hope not. Does he want seniors walking for miles just because they would like to get from Woodlawn Road to Stone Road Mall, for example? He forgets that when transit is shut down, Mobility service is out of the question as well. Has Mr. Semple ever taken a cab from one end of the city to the other? Try doing that when you are on a fixed income and see how far you get.

The transit service was put into place partially as a greener alternative to every Tom, Dick and Harry driving around the city. Mr. Semple has to realize that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. If it’s available, especially after fares were increased, then it should be available at least on the hours it used to be so people don’t all have to get in their cars and drive, or worse yet, not be able to get anywhere at all because they don’t or can’t drive.

Next, is Mr. Semple going to say that because he is healthy, that the hospitals don’t need to run because they’re expensive for his poor little tax bill? I’m sorry, but we don’t use everything we pay for in our taxes, but it’s nice to know it’s there if we need it. I hope that Mr. Semple never loses his vision or physical mobility, because if he does, I guarantee you he will be whining louder than the rest of us when he can’t get out because the buses aren’t running and darn it, his taxes paid for that.

Carin Headrick


Ooo. Don’t get me angry. Some people. They never leave their safe little bubble of existence and think of what other people need. Well, at least I got my thoughts out there.

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