How Many Fools Does It Take To Write A Bad Cheque? That Depends, Are We Talking English Or French?

If your plan for scoring yourself some easy cash involves creating a fake federal government cheque and then trying to cash it, it is always wise to make sure thatthe amounts you write out in English and French are what they’re supposed to be.

This important detail was overlooked by an unidentified 36-year-old man who was recently arrested in Chatham, Ontario when he walked into a Money Mart and attempted to cash a $400 cheque from the Government of Canada. The clerk noticed that the spelled out sections didn’t match because where four hundred should have been written in French, it instead read quatre-vingt-quatorze, which means $94. The correct way to write it would have been Quatre-cents, which is actually much easier to spell.

Police were called and the man was arrested and charged with uttering a forged document. At last report he was awaiting a bail hearing, but there has been no word on whether bail was set at $400 or $94.

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