They Cleaned Them Out Alright.

I can see having people on probation work off their fines by cleaning a courthouse. But if you’re doing that, you’d better have pretty good supervision and cameras that are either monitored or recording. Otherwise, 2 43-inch TV’s may walk out with the cleaning crew. That’s what the Lowell Superior Court discovered.

There are two things I can’t figure out about this story. How did the supervisor in the building miss two dudes carrying out two TV’s? And why wouldn’t you have surveillance footage at least recorded when you’re going to have a crew of criminals in the building? It seems dumb to have surveillance equipment become non-functional when you have 5 potential thieves rummaging through the building under the guise of cleaning it.

Well, there will be no more crews of folks on probation cleaning the place. I wonder what will happen to the supervisor.

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