Chris Ball: All Balls, No Brains

Chris Ball wants to be a stunt man. So, he’s been videoing himself doing some pretty risky and irresponsible things, and he thinks this will help get him into Hollywood. I urge him to do a little research. Stunt men don’t just throw themselves on the roofs of cars or on moving trains. They do things as safely as possible and they don’t put others in danger either. I guess I shouldn’t assume anything. All he said in hisvideo response to the CTV report was that he hoped it would take him somewhere. Keep it up, Chris, and it will take you to a pine box.

Here are two videos I found. Here’s one of him surfing on the roof of mom’s jeep from two years ago. I’m sure mommy dearest appreciated him using her car like that, along with risking his life and those of his friends. Apparently she’s completely supportive of his activities…but she didn’t find out about what he did until he was 18 so she’s all cool with it. Until I hear it from his mom’s lips, I have my doubts. But oh, he does much better stuff now. Now, he only jumps on top of moving trains and such. I love how he’s repeatedly going “I don’t know what I’m gonna do now.” Yeah, that was a great idea.

There’s a part of me that wonders if he’s trying to kill himself. I don’t mean to think such dark things, but the moving train video really made me wonder. He starts off “I had a bad day so I’m going to jump on this train.” Then he doesn’t know how he’s going to get down. I sincerely hope that’s not what’s going on.

Chris, I know you think all the negative feedback is worthless, but I think a lot of people who are getting mad are getting mad because you’re putting yourself in way too much danger. Jumping on moving trains and falling off cliffs isn’t going to get you into stunt school. In fact, it might get you rejected from it because you may be judged too unsafe.

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