I Don’t Know A Lot About Geometry, But This Teacher Is Obtuse.

Here comes Ann with another doozer.

And here I thought the guy who wrote out the alternate meaning for change was bad. Oh, I have something far worse.

An unnamed teacher in Alabama thought he had a new way of teaching parallel lines and angles in his geometry class. At what angle would you have to stand to shoot Obama and hit him? He found out what the Secret Service thought he was angling to do, and he found out how quickly he can be interrogated. Luckily for him, they didn’t think he posed a threat. The schoolboard has since placed him on leave.

I still think that if a kid had said the exact same words, he would have been in a juvenile detention facility before he knew what hit him. Well, maybe that wouldn’t have happened in Alabama. I don’t know. The parents were quick to forgive him, saying that he made a mistake. Mistake? That’s a humdinger of a mistake. Or did I miss the news that the definition of the word mistake had changed? I mean, people can piss on the ball field during the anthem and it’s also considered a stupid mistake.

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