National Access Awareness Week Promo, Radio Edition.

Well, here comes another episode of let’s giggle at Carin trying to make a radio ad. I think next time, I might get Steve to voice the ad. Even though people seem to think so, I don’t think I make good radio ads.

I made 2 ads for our upcoming National Access Awareness Week, one just sort of going over the whole event, and one going into more detail about what the Accessible Customer Service Standard is, because after we made the first ad, someone else heard it and went, “the who to the what now standard?”

So get ready to giggle, cackle and howl. Or maybe that’s the way I feel because it’s my own voice. At least this time, it doesn’t sound like I want topunch the mayor.

Here’s the first one, and here’s the second one. Thankfully, these will only grace the airwaves for another week.

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