Google Wishes Pacman A Happy Anniversary, And The Internet Masses Freak

Here’s a little note for everyone. Today, when you go to Google, and it starts making Pacman noises, don’t freak out. It’s, uh, kinda the 30th anniversary of the release of the Pacman video game, and Google is celebrating by having a little Pacman gamelet on the site. You can even play! Well, sorta. I figured out that if you shut off the virtual cursor, or MSAA or whatever the heck it’s called in your screenreader land, if you move the arrows, you can eat dots. You don’t get miles and miles of feedback, but hey, you can kinda maybe play.

I just thought I’d say something, since two friends, one blind and one sighted, and a whole lotta listserve-members flipped out when they heard the noise.

And to those who want to go beat down the people at Google who came up with this, relax. It’ll be gone tomorrow. And all you have to do to get rid of the woo woo noise is to search for something. So chill. I happen to think it’s kinda cute.

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