When I Think About This, My Mind Goes Reel

Edit: Hey, family with the kids in the video. Get your video here, red hot!

I wish I could find the song…but I can’t, but I still want to talk about it.

Has anyone else heard the Toyota commercial with a song in it that sounds like it’s saying “This smile, I’m giving you to keep. When I think about you, my heart goes beep.”? I have since learned that a. it’s impossible to find, and b. it was sung by Ian LeFeuvre.

I do have to say that it’s a pretty catchy groovy song. But does it seriously say “My heart goes beep?” If my heart is going beep, I’m not in good shape. Either it’s a monitor going beep, or I’ve needed some kind of electronics implanted in my heart that might go beep. Does Toyota really want us to think about people’s hearts going beep right after recalling a whole bunch of cars? I’m just sayin’.

If it says “My heart goes beat,” I guess I’ll have to take it all back. But then, um, if his heart doesn’t go beat when he’s not thinking about his hot new love, then I think he’d be in serious trouble too.

If anyone finds the song, please send me a link. It gets in my head sometimes.

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