Over The What?

I want to run something past whatever wrestling fans there might still be left in the world, because I don’t think I’ve seen this mentioned anywhere and I need to know if I’m alone here.

Tonight is WWE’s May pay-per-view, Over the Limit. They just came up with that name this year, it used to be called Judgment Day if memory serves. But in the late 1990’s it used to be known as Over the Edge, and that’s why we’re here.

There’s a very good reason why WWE doesn’t use the Over the edge name anymore. On May 23rd, 1999, there was an Over the Edge show in Kansas City. Owen Hart, while preparing for a ridiculous stunt, fell from the rafters of the building and was killed in one of the most tragic incidents I can ever remember in wrestling.

My questions are these. What month is it, and what is today’s date? In case you’re slow or reading this late, today is May 23, 2010. It is 11 years to the day since Owen Hart’s untimely death. Here’s another question. Over the Limit, Over the Edge. Isn’t that even the tiniest bit creepy? It is to me. No matter how good tonight’s PPV is, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to fully enjoy it. Thankfully Owen’s fall wasn’t shown live because it happened during a video package, but I’ll never forget the aftermath and what it felt like to be watching things unfold that night. It’s going to be hard to watch this show and not think about that.

I’m almost positive that the similarity between the names is a complete coincidence, but there’s a part of me that wonders whether that’s true. WWE does have a tendency to do horribly insensitive death related things likepretending to kill Vince McMahon right around the 1 year anniversary of Chris Benoit killing himself and his family,so maybe they are doing this on purpose. I hope not, but who really knows anymore?

Now I’ll turn things over to you, wrestling fans and non-fans alike who have red this all the way through. Am I way off base with this one or have I given a voice to a thought you had but couldn’t quite express? I’d like to hear your thoughts, because this is really weirding me out.

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