And Steve And I Went To School With This Guy!

I saw this last night, and I thought about blogging it, but then thought it was cruel. But today, it keeps calling to be blogged.

I was talking to our good buddy Anton last night, and he happened to mention that another guy we went to school with found his way onto YouTube. I believe I mentioned this guy in my freak magnet post of years gone by. Yes, he was the one clapping, snorting, and divulging his full address when I asked him where he lived.

Now, he wants to have a musical career. If this is his full potential, oh dear dear. But here it is, for what it is.

Rob Castrogiovani’s first video:

and here’s his second one.

That was quite the um, singing? I guess it has to be called that. I wonder if both of his feet hurt.

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