My Interview

Well, on Friday I mentioned I was getting interviewed on CFRU. Here is the result. You can also go to the Royal City Rag website and click on past shows and listen via the little flash player thingy. But since it is encoded as opaque, us screenreader-users can’t click the buttons, so she was kind enough to provide direct download links for each hour of the show up on the site. I’m in the second hour, at about the 20-minute mark I start to blabber.

For the most part I sounded way better than when we recorded me with the silly Victor, but there is one point where I clip clip clipperoo! Ouch! I can even break a radio mic! I haven’t heard it yet, and I dread hearing it, but I’ve been told about my laugh that kills the ears.

Jan Hall is cool. Just hearing her introduce me made me feel much more at ease about this whole interview. And, she may be coming to our event to record some live action! How cool is that?

So, there ya go. You can watch me try and do an interview. Wooohooo.

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