You Have A Brown Back, And They Have Your Greenbacks!

If you’re in Toronto, decide to take out some money at an ATM and suddenly find yourself squirted with poop, and surrounded by men who want to help you clean it up, do not let them help you. It’s a trick to let them hold your purse while you clean yourself off…and then they take your cash.

How it works is while you’re getting money out, one of them squirts you with feces. It doesn’t say what kind of feces it is. Then they’re all asking you if they can help you clean yourself off. They’re particularly offering to hold your purse. Then they run off with it. They tend to go after people who are in isolated areas, so if they yell, nobody will hear.

Yuck! I’d heard of being squirted with ketchup, but poop? That’s just gross.

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