Rob Finally Inspires :People To Do Something Other Than Claw Out Their Own Eardrums!

Remember when I talked about Rob Castrogiovani and his Paratransit song? When that song started, I kinda got excited because I thought he was parodying “The Times, They Are A Changin'”. But alass, no, it was just some random tune. But Steve and I got thinking, and wondered if you could come up with a parody of that song on his theme. And we did! So, I give you, Paratrans, You Are Enragin’. I wonder if Bob Dylan would be proud.

You call up these people, when you need to roame,
They’ll come pick you up and they’ll bring you back home,
But your schedule, it must be etched into stone,
Even Though You might sit around waitin’.
You must give 24 hours when you call on the phone,
Paratrans, you are enragin’.

I really like how you come door to door,
but I haven’t the need for that neat lowered floor.
Cuzz I’ve got the guide dog, it’s not safe anymore,
The canines, we don’t wanna be mamin’
I might as well have said nothing’ as I rise through the door,
Paratrans, you are enragin’.

I was cooking in the kitchen, and I cut my hand,
But emergency trips they just don’t understand.
The manager told me, there is no demand,
But that line I just cannot be takin’,
Cuzz cab companies aren’t made out of wheelchair vans,
Paratrans, you are enragin’.

I was job-huntin’, got an interview call,
But the appointment got canceled and I’ve no ride at all,
So I’ll sit in their office and I’ll stare at the wall,
For the hour’s that I will be waitin’
Should I just hang around ’til my follow-up call?
Paratrans, you are enragin’.

I’m not tryin’ to complain, I remember the past,
When those without cars went nowhere and fast,
Compared to those times, this sure is a blast,
but I still need to say in summation,
There’s room for improvement, we still feel second class
Paratrans, you are enragin’.

Yeah! We just need someone with a guitar, and we could record this thing!

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