What Comes Out Of The Mouths Of Some Of Joe Public’s Slower Members

I just heard 2 amazingly dumb things people have said to us because of our guide dogs recently, and that made me think of an old story I heard years ago, so I thought I’d post them all in a tripple dose of oh my god did that person just say that?

The other day, I was out walking, and I got close to where I was going. I hadn’t been there in a while, so I figured I’d ask someone where the door was. As we were approaching it, Trixie tried to sniff something. I gave her a correction and said, “Ahem, dog, don’t do that.” And from then on, the lady who was helping me thought her name was dog! I didn’t even bother to correct her. I just chuckled all the way home.

Then, last night, I was talking to another lady in town who has a guide dog from the same school, and she said this woman walked up to her in the grocery store, marvelling that that leash outfit she had didn’t even pull on the dog’s neck, and where could one get such a leash thing. My friend finally figured out she was referring to the harness, and she not only had to explain to her that that was a guide dog harness, but she had to explain to this lady what a guide dog was. And my friend said this lady didn’t sound like she came from some far away place where guide dogs weren’t being readily used. Oh my my. So I can only assume she came from another planet, then?

These two stories pale in comparison to my final story, though. A friend of Steve and I was in a particularly cranky mood one day and didn’t feel like answering all the usual questions, or deflecting the hands that always want to pet his dog. So when one woman sweetly asked him what his dog’s name was, he said, “It’s not mine, it’s stolen,” to which the woman responded, “Hi, Stolen!” Hahahahahahhah! She thought the dog’s name was Stolen! Hahahahahha! Whenever I think about that story, I just kill myself laughing.

So wow. I really don’t know what to say. I guess I’ll never say I’ve seen it all, because it’s impossible to do that. Someone will always surprise you with a new one.

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