The Prison Needs A Bra To Contain The Boobs They Have For Guards

Brittney Horstman is one determined lawyer. She went in to see her client at the Miami Federal Detention Center and set off the metal detector. Even though the guards knew it was the underwire in her bra, they still said nope. So, she went to the washroom and removed her bra. Now, they wouldn’t let […]

I Think I’m Gonna Cry. Please, Don’t Make Me Cry

I hate computers! Just…fucking hate the things! Carinmentioned earlierthat my keyboard decided to die out of the blue this morning. Well, we did the logical thing and bought a new one. so what do you suppose happens when I plug it in? Come on, guess. Yeah, same goddamn thing that was happening with the old […]

You Killed My Sister, Now I’m Coming For Yours!

What did these two sisters do to piss off the moose population? I mean, how likely is it that one sister would hit a moose, and then the other sister, while on her way to visit her sister in the hospital, would hit another moose? I’m glad the second sister wasn’t injured nearly as badly […]