This Whole Thing Stinks

If this went down the way Anne-Marie Gray says it did, then she should sue ’em, and sue ’em good.

The story goes that Gray had worked for ESPN basically since it started, and had had no reprimands. Then she developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which can cause some pretty sudden diarrhea. That can get even more sudden when the person is under stress and can’t get the necessary meds because they lost their doctor. This was what was happening to Gray. Because she was worried she wouldn’t be able to make it to a john, she ran into a nearby conference room, locked the door and had to let loose in a trash can. Then she would bag the waste and dispose of it.

I guess somebody noticed these little bags o poop, and somebody else thought it was being done by a disgruntled employee, so set up a camera, which caught poor Gray in the act. She got called in and asked what was up. It was then that she told them what was going on, and said she was embarrassed to tell anyone, and was on the way to getting a new doctor, so it would all work out, so she didn’t bring it up with them. The boss suspended her for a week without pay, but told Gray not to worry because of her excellent record for 30 years. When she finally got her letter and showed it to them, it wasn’t a week later that she was fired for willful misconduct.

Pardon me? When someone has been a perfect employee for 30 years, and then shows you she has a medical condition, to respond by firing her for willful misconduct is just wrong. There had better be another side to this story that doesn’t involve a bunch of total ignorant pricks.

As an aside, I wonder if the poop-flingin’ bus driver will say she has IBS. But Gray didn’t throw her bags of crap out by the curb. There’s a difference. Gray tried to take care of it.

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