Get Off The Bus, Gus, Get Off The Phone, Joan

I had another dream last night, but this one wasn’t as terrifying as that last doozer. This one was just funny.

It started off pretty ordinarily. I was riding the bus, coming home from somewhere. The only weird part was I had my brailler with me. I can’t imagine why I would carry my brailler on the bus, but ok.

I called Steve, and at the same time, I was having some kind of issue with my Trekker. It couldn’t find my position and was stuck somewhere along the way. Of course, right now, the buses are all out of wack because of construction. That part of the dream was accurate. At one point, the driver said “Do you want me to drop you off once I go through the lights? I asked her if we were on the street I thought I should be on, and she said yes, so I said ok. I got off the bus, and things didn’t feel right. Suddenly, Trekker came back to acting normal, and told me that this was in fact not where she said it was, I was about 4 blocks from there, and one of the intersections I would have to cross was hairy and under construction.

So, because this is dreamland, the bus was still there. I walked up to the front, looked in the still open door and said “Hey, chief, this isn’t the street you said it was!” at which point she said “You would have realized this if you weren’t yapping on your phone,” slammed the door in my face and drove off!

So there I was with a big ol’ brailler and my dog, wondering how I was going to carry that heavy brute of a machine 4 blocks and through construction. I started to struggle down the street…and then I woke up.

What? That was just weird. I don’t think we have drivers that evil in this town. I sure hope not.

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