The Rays Didn’t Win, The Blue Jays Lost

Since I’m a good sport unlikesome people,I must say congratulations to the Rays on a pretty bigcome from behind winover my Jays last night.

I’ve been sitting here with this post open trying to come up with something to say about the game, and I don’t think I can express my feelings any better than I already have. Here’s what I wrote to the Shoe Thief after the game. We’d been emailing back and forth all night and this was my response to my last contact with him, which was pretty much just a giant string of profanities. Can’t say as I blame him, but I hope he’s ok.

I couldn’t agree more…We blew it.  The Rays didn’t beat us, our pen and Cito beat us.  Why in hell was downs only in there to get one out, and why was Gregg allowed to continue with that shitshow he was putting on long past the point of absurdity?  What’d we use, 5 relievers?  And not one of them got the chance that Gregg got.  I know at one point he was leading the league in saves, but if he’s been kinda shitty in his last 9 or 10 appearances including this one, get him the hell out of there the moment things start going south.  And then he has the nerve to argue balls and strikes when Cito finally pulls him?  What a fucking goof!  He got a gimme call on that strikeout when time didn’t end up being called for the Rays, then he throws everything but strikes, costs us the game and has the nerve to argue?  Fuck off, idiot!  I don’t know how you throw a guy out who’s already come out of the game, but if anybody deserved it it’s Gregg.  Jesus tap dancin’ Christ!  If I was Tallet I’d be wanting to punch things right now…and Gregg would be way up there on the list. Hopefully we can rebound tonight, and by rebound I mean not see what we saw yesterday.

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