This Story Makes Me Scratch My Head

When I saw the headline Russian Policeman Kills Himself Scratching Nose with His Gun, I was going to laugh, and laugh, and laugh at this fellow. A police officer would do something so careless? Why on earth would you scratch your itchy nose with a loaded weapon?

But when I read the story, I became suspicious. You read this, and see if you think the same way I do.

An armed 23 year old policeman in Moscow fell victim of his own carelessness. He decided to scratch an itchy spot on his nose with a gun and accidentally killed himself, the Moskovsky Komsomolets reports.

The tragedy happened in the court security facility. At 6pm the officer’s supervisor tried to connect with him over the phone to check on him. The sergeant did not answer his phone and the supervisor had to go see him with other officers.

The police found a locked door they had to break and the body of their colleague behind the door. The policeman’s body with a wound in the head was found under the desk.

The investigation ruled out a murder. There was no note that would indicate suicide.

The victim had been serving in police since 2007. He was single and was not registered with the staff psychologist. He was reported to be in good spirits on the day of the accident.

The sergeant allegedly scratched his nose with his gun and accidentally pulled the trigger.

Yeah. Oceanfront property in Arizona, get it here, step right up.

I have four major problems with this whole story. First, the guy locked himself in before, ahem, scratching his nose. Why? There was nothing stated that would explain why he would lock himself in the room…unless he was planning on killing himself and didn’t want to be caught.

Second, just because there is no note indicating suicide doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a suicide. And, how many murders have been committed where the killer writes a suicide note on the victim’s behalf? The presence or absence of a note means exactly zilch.

Third, the story says he was in good spirits the day he died. Yup, most people who have decided to end it all are usually in quite good spirits on the day they’ve decided to bring their pain to an end. They are at peace.

Fourth, the story just sort of says at the end that it is alleged that he scratched his nose with the weapon. If there had been mention of a camera that saw it, then I would believe it more than the way that sentence is sort of thrown in with nothing to stand behind it, like an afterthought.

I don’t mean to seem like I’m looking for a suicide where there isn’t one. But I’m just sick to death of people making up alternate reasons to explain someone’s death so they don’t have to come to grips with the fact that the person took his own life. Hey, if you honestly and truly feel that someone was murdered, then state your case until you are heard. But sometimes the evidence can be overwhelming, but they’ll still concoct some crazy alternate way they could have died. I have seen it too many times to not feel like I’m seeing it again.

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