Leggo Your Money!

Holy crap. Andrew Brian McKnight is one lucky man. Somebody was looking out for him today.

It all started when 3 little teenaged dickheads decided they should dine and dash from a waffle house. McKnight, who works there, was there as a customer, and somebody yelled that they have to pay for their meal. I guess another guy confronted them, and McKnight was standing behind him, and the teens bumped him with their car. Then, somehow, McKnight ended up getting hit, or thrown or something, and landed on the car. Then his coffee spilled all over the car, and the car was moving! So now, he’s holding onto a slippery hood, and the car’s going at 40-60 miles an hour, and he manages to call 911, and hold on until they stop, and comes out uninjured! How the hell did he do that? My bullshit meter is going off, but there’s mention of a 911 tape with transcribed sections, so it had to have happened.

If this happened the way they say it did, McKnight needs to go out immediately and buy a lottery ticket. Luck is on his side for sure.

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