Instead Of Stopping The Mosque, How About Stopping To Think

I hate to ask this question of my American friends, but are racist ignoramuses the main product you’re manufacturing down there nowadays? It’s hard not to think so what with everything going on in Arizona and nowthis.

A group of protesters calling itself Stop Islamization of America gathered near the site of a proposed mosque over the weekend to rally against it. Why? Well, because it’s only a couple of blocks away from Ground Zero, and that’s offensive, you see.

NO, what’s offensive is that this sentiment exists and is shared by a frighteningly large number of people. Only a few hundred came out to the demonstration, but those are a few of the vocal ones. Thousands more either aren’t the types who want to be seen as the douchebags they are in a public setting, and still more likely don’t have the skills required to scribble out a sign.

I’ll say this one more time just in case a few of you people can read. Muslims didn’t crash planes into your buildings, maniacs did. Maniacs come in all shapes and sizes, all colours and faiths. Some are motivated by extreme religious belief, some by abuse they suffered as children, and some are just plain nuts for no logical reason. A mosque going up 2 blocks away from the WTC is no threat to anyone, especially not when compared to the harm you all our doing to future generations by foisting your imbecility upon them.

“Cordoba House would be an “insult to victims of 9/11 and establish a beachhead for political Islam, the CBC quotes the groups website as saying.

Obviously, I didn’t die on 9/11. But if I had, I think I would find the fact that people like these were using my demise as a platform for intolerance and hate more insulting than having a building go up near where I breathed my last that Muslims are going to use. That building, as much as I’m against organized religion, will doubtless be responsible for helping a lot of people through the charity work that will go on there. Rather than being insulting, it sounds like a pretty nice tribute.

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