A Different Kind Of Shot In The Arm

Ok, story time. We read the News of the Weird weekly newsletter thingy, written by Chuck Shepherd. In it, he had mentioned having some medical problems. I guess my subconscious was worried about him, because a little while later, I dreamed that we got a newsletter where at the top, it said something like “Yr editor can’t seem to get some decent medical treatment around here, so he’s going to shoot himself in the neck and see if he can get his other problems fixed. Yr editor might be back next week, maybe not.” In the dream, I called Steve in, and we both read the message over, looked at each other, and just kept asking, “Is he joking? He can’t be serious! No!” and that was how the dream ended.

Now, in real life, I see that Kathy Myers has done a very similar thing. She hurt her shoulder playing with her dogs, but had no health insurance, so the emergency folks wouldn’t help her because the injury wasn’t life-threatening or putting her in danger. She’d get pain medication, but that’s it. The pain got so bad that she shot herself, hoping she would hit an artery or bone and then they’d have to fix the problem. Unfortunately, it missed everything major, so they treated her for the bullet and left the rest. Now, she may face charges for shooting a gun inside city limits.

Wow. That’s just terrible. An insane dream of mine has sort of happened in real life.

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