B and B? Nope, Try B and E

That would be a weird thing to have happen. You’re sitting outside in your yard with relatives, when one of them goes inside and finds a credit card on the stairs that doesn’t belong to you or anyone there. You soon find out that it belongs to the strange man sleeping in your bed, who turns out to be a confused man by the name of Walker Bruce. Somehow, he thought your house was a bed and breakfast, came in, left his credit card on the stairs for payment, and went to bed. Now, he’s been taken by police to the hospital so they can figure out what the hell’s wrong with him. They think he’s on drugs, but they don’t know.

I think everybody was lucky in this case. Bruce didn’t take anything from the home, and they didn’t take his credit card and take it for a ride, and maybe he can get some help now.

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