Touchy Subject

I had something happen to me yesterday that I thought deserved a blog post.

I went to the post office to mail something. When I left, I told Trixie to find the door. She walked over to what she thought was the door, but it wasn’t. A person came over and said they’d help me find the door. Cool. Then, they proceeded to move around behind me on my left side and grab me! This did not go well, because a. I was startled, and b. so was Trixie since she’s on my left. Fearing she was about to get stompled by human feet, she did a little dance. Then, the person thought Trixie was turning around to bite her, backed off and said “I should have known not to touch you I should have known not to touch you.”

Well yeah, but not because Trixie was about to take a great big chomperoo. I am capable of hearing and understanding speech. Talk to me! There is no need to push me around. If you don’t know how to help, ask me. It’s probably best to ask anyway, since some of us will elect to take your arm, and some of us who have guide dogs may just follow you. If you don’t know your left from your right, that’s fine. Just get in front of me and tell me when you’re turning. I will hear where you’re going and follow you.

The funny part was she said twice “I’m going to help you.” and I thought “yeah? Well start giving directions.” I did not expect to get grabbed. Silly people. Why do they think we’re deaf and/or stupid too?

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