We Are Spoiled Miracle Whip, And We Will Not Tone It Down

I read the story of a HAZMAT team being sent because of a huge container of rotting mayonaise, and immediately thought of Steve’s post about cleaning out the fridge and finding that turkey gone wrong. Just imagine if we’d left the turkey for much longer.

The story goes that two people were inspecting an empty house, and found themselves having trouble breathing and having burning eyes. So, they called emergency services, who sent the HAZMAT team. After evacuating the neighbourhood and searching the house, they found the cause, a barrel containing a five-gallon container of rotting mayo.

Ok, who keeps that amount of mayonaise anyway? Were these people feeding an army?

I’m sure that will be a memorable event for years to come for that neighbourhood. They thought they had a meth lab. It turns out they just had a giant vat of nasty mayo.

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