These Teasers Don’t Tease. They Enrage.

I received this from a Humanware press release list I somehow got on, and my reaction was not what they hoped it would be. They wanted to get us all excited about a new device they’re coming out with. All I could think was “Not again! Not again!”

This is a teaser campaign announcing a new innovative product from HumanWare. Like it’s always the case with teasers, we only reveal a part of this new product. This message entitled “Speaking of design” shows some details of the sleek design of this new device and how thin it is. Unveiling July 2, 2010. Stay tuned for more details about this mystery product in the upcoming days.

Yup, just like we stayed tuned for info about Oratio. Yeah, Humanware, let’s not have teasers. Let’s deliver, shall we?

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