I Guess It’s True You Can Get Everything Cheap At Wal-Mart

Well, isn’t this a beautiful way to start off Friday?

We’ve heard of kids being sold for $5000, a gun and a bird, but $25 outside Wal-Mart is a brand new low. Actually, there was the case of Marcy Pappalardo trying to sell her kid for $10 in gas money, but somehow that hadn’t made it onto the blog.

Patrick Fousek and Samantha Tomasini sound like quite the pair, trying to sell their kid to a random person after she let Fousek use her cellphone. Then, when that person wrote down their license plate number and police arrived at their house, they found out they’re a couple of meth heads, and Tomasini had breast-fed the kid while under the influence. What a horrible mess. I’m glad they tried to sell the kid, but I’m even happier the person they selected didn’t just buy the poor little thing. Now the little one can get some help.

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