You know, as much as I have to make fun of Willie Eugene Lewis for climbing into an electrical substation, I do have to give him kudos for being able to walk to the emergency room on his own after receiving the frizzle frying that he did.

Nobody can tell us why Lewis felt the urge to climb a fense and ignore a high voltage sign, except to say that alcohol was a factor, but oh boy can they tell us what happened next. Basically, 40000 volts of electricity shot through Lewis, burning the clothes off his back and the genetals off his body. But despite this, he managed to climb the fense and walk to the ER, where they might have said “holy crap it’s a cooked human being!” before deciding he was in critical condition. Lewis had burns to 90% of his body, but I suspect his brain was already fried before this incident.

And yes, I did notice that he who is now without a willie is named Willie.

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