>Are The Guitars Instruments of Music, Or Vengeance?

>Gees! If you’re going to live with Kevin and Dustin Lambert, mark very well whose food is whose. If not, you could wind up getting a beating over it. This is what William Reaume found out. They first started punching him, and then they beat him with an acoustic and an electric guitar. Gees! Settle […]

Oh The Flasher Is A Person In Your Neighbourhood, And He’s Showing Off His Meat Each Day

Eeewww. Now there’s a backyard gathering the kids won’t forget. All was going ok, until their neighbour came out in his thong bathing suit, bent over and intentionally showed his balls to the bunch. When the adults supervising the kids told him to please not do that in front of the kids, he swore and […]

Not The Sharpest Bayonet In The Stroller?

Now that’s just a little weird. Police came and arrested a drunken couple who were pushing a stroller with their two kids in it at around 1:30 a.m. In the stroller, they found open containers of booze. I was expecting that. But they also found a double-edged bayonet. Yup, in with their kids in the […]

Some Weird Ads For Ya

It’s time once again for an episode of what the hell is up with these commercials? This one took us a while to put together, and it has less in it. There’s been this ad campaign pushing Ontario as the place to be. I think it started when we moved into this apartment, because I […]

Our New Share Buttons…Are They Working?

Blogger now has those share buttons that you see everywhere, the ones that let you send something you like to Facebook or Twitter and perhaps even Foursquare,whatever that is.I’ve enabled them, but JAWS, my screenreader, can’t see them so I have no idea if they’re working or what they look like. So my question to […]

I Guess It’s True You Can Get Everything Cheap At Wal-Mart

Well, isn’t this a beautiful way to start off Friday? We’ve heard of kids being sold for $5000, a gun and a bird, but $25 outside Wal-Mart is a brand new low. Actually, there was the case of Marcy Pappalardo trying to sell her kid for $10 in gas money, but somehow that hadn’t made […]

People For The Swift Return Of Bryan Danielson

I don’t often get a chance to write about PETA and wrestling at the same time, so there’s no way I’m passing this up. I wrote quite a bit in mypostthis morning about the completely ridiculous firing of Bryan Danielson. Well, it appears that among his many supporters we can now count PETA, who have […]